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ECU Remapping

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We offer sales and assembly of all types of hardware for the most popular car models on the market. We offer individual software for many different vehicles to increase performance. In addition to higher engine performance, our modifications also ensure optimized fuel consumption and better response.

ECU Remapping

The main reason people choose remapping is based around vehicle performance. The ECU is a program with control over how the engine works and performs. The remapping process involves the use of finely tuned software which is plugged into your car’s serial port. By overwriting the engines existing map with a brand new version, vehicle performance is increased. If you would like to gain additional miles per gallon, this is something we can achieve. Whether petrol or diesel we have the ability to produce excellent results. Should you wish to increase speed we will adjust the software accordingly before providing you with relevant data in order to highlight the figures. Many customers like to remap their cars in order to gain a balance that’s both economy and performance related. When this is the case, we simply adjust our licensed software accordingly to gain the desired outcome. As remapping specialists, Dyno Remaps offers a highly skilled service at competitive prices. The process in its entirety achieves the best possible results based upon your requirements.

We Provide ECU Remaps For Power & Economy Tuning. Including DPF Off Solutions. ECU Recovery, ECU File Service. Bosch ECU Specialist.


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