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We offer sales and assembly of all types of hardware for the most popular car models on the market. We offer individual software for many different vehicles to increase performance. In addition to higher engine performance, our modifications also ensure optimized fuel consumption and better response.

ECU Cloning

Is your ECU damaged and you need it to repair or replace? Have you been told that your ECU is beyond repair and you need a replacement? We can clone and replace most car ECU at a fraction of the cost of buying a new unit. If you’re having problems with your engine control unit (ECU), your first thought might be to replace it with a new one. However, repairing your ECU is substantially cheaper than buying a new ECU. Our team of experts will test and repair your ECU at a fraction of the price of replacing it with a new one. Hundreds of people trust us every year for quick and professional ECU service. We are experts in ECU coding, cloning, so why not contact us today to discuss what we can do for you. We can do a resetting, cloning or virginal an ECU to factory state in order to use it on another vehicle. We can also clone your old non-working ECU into a new one so you can Plug & Play without future programming with diagnostic equipment.

We offer a large range of ECU’s services like

-Security code extraction
-Virgine service.

Ecu or ECU set from us will come with the latest software SPS programmed to your VIN number and set up extras like with or without A/C, Cruise control, Abs, Esp, Automatic gearbox etc.

Ecu cloning is the easiest way to replace old faulty ECU. It will stay as it was. Keep all the original details like
-VIN number
-Immobiliser code
-Distance from last service or DPF regeneration
-All special coding, set up
-Software update or any modification like remapped, EGR, Dpf deleted etc.
After cloning ECU is Plug and Play don’t need expensive diagnostic equipment or take the vehicle to the dealer.
Also if the vehicle has been re-mapped or any type of software modification it will stay.

We Provide ECU Remaps For Power & Economy Tuning. Including DPF Off Solutions. ECU Recovery, ECU File Service. Bosch ECU Specialist.


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