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Dyno Power Runs Birmingham

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We offer sales and assembly of all types of hardware for the most popular car models on the market. We offer individual software for many different vehicles to increase performance. In addition to higher engine performance, our modifications also ensure optimized fuel consumption and better response.

Power Runs

We are able to provide a rolling road session if you purely want to know the power and torque of your vehicle prior to making any potential decisions about future work and/or remapping. 

A power run is a full throttle power test to measure the power and torque at the wheels and calculated SAE values for engine flywheel figures, where possible boost and air:fuel ratio (lambda) will also be recorded.  

Our charge for a power run is £65 plus VAT.

Full Dyno Diagnostics

Our full dyno diagnostic session is required if you would like a more advanced measurements of your vehicle whilst on the dyno. For example your engine might have an intermittent issue that is difficult to repeat on the road/track, but can be quickly identified on the dyno. (The dyno can measure the smallest of misfires that can near impossible to detect on the road.)

Checks are carried out to ignition system functionality, fuel system, a deep analysis of the engine management fault codes and live data with our state of the art OBD scanner, with adjustments being made when and if  possible. We then carry out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and SAE calculated flywheel figures. Also, at the same time where possible we will monitor boost and fuelling using  wideband lambda sensor.  

Our Dyno diagnostic labour rate is £120 per hour plus VAT.  

To book a session on our dyno please contact us via phone (07581 433 954) or email (

Dyno Power Runs

Our Dynamometer

All vehicles (2WD and 4WD) are tuned on our 3000 HP 4 wheel drive dyno, the Dyno Dynamics DS 450 AWD Dynamometer. The DS450 AWD Dynamometer is the top of the range model offered by Dyno Dynamics, who are one of the most well renowned chassis dynamometer manufactures in the world. Dyno Dynamics have built an excellent reputation for repeatability and load control accuracy. One of the dyno’s main advantages, is that the torque is measured directly at the rollers, which eliminates any additional parasitic losses from motors or belts which can lead to a reduction in accuracy. Another reason we love our dyno is the load control and steady state measurement ability. The dyno is capable of holding the engine at any speed regardless of the load, this enables us to very accurately tune the engines ECU parameters until the optimum performance is achieved at each engine speed and load condition. In our experience, this is the only way to accurately optimise engine performance and maximise the benefits of an aftermarket ECU that supports live mapping. The Dyno also features a built in weather station to measure the ambient conditions (air temperature, barometric pressure & relative humidity), this data is automatically used to correct the engine performance to the ambient conditions in line with the SAE standards. Essentially this means that we can test your vehicle on a hot dry day and the performance will be comparable to a damp cold day. All vehicles are carefully brought up to operating temperature on the dyno before starting any high load testing. Prior to commencing any dyno work you need review and sign our dyno terms and conditions. Please see below for our standard format dyno print out. The solid line will always represents engine power whilst the dotted line will typical represent another parameter such as; Engine torque, Boost pressure or Air-Fuel ratio.

We Provide ECU Remaps For Power & Economy Tuning. Including DPF Off Solutions. ECU Recovery, ECU File Service. Bosch ECU Specialist.


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