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We offer sales and assembly of all types of hardware for the most popular car models on the market. We offer individual software for many different vehicles to increase performance. In addition to higher engine performance, our modifications also ensure optimized fuel consumption and better response.

Car Servicing: What All Does A Car Service Include?

Regular maintenance and serving of any gadget, appliance, or even the human body are very important. Over time, the build-up pressure and half-working parts mess up the system, leaving you with an enormous cost and a non-functioning object. It is obvious that nobody likes to be put into this kind of situation, and for this reason and many more, servicing entails a crucial part of the working.
Your car stands no farther away from the truth stated above. You can drive as delicately you want, but your car will still demand a professional check-up by a technician and a car service mechanic to optimally function.

Here, we will explain the importance of car service along with what does a car service include?

What is a car service?

A car service is like a routine check-up but for your vehicle. It might be as intensive as a 50-point checklist or can be a simple service and repair that takes care of the things susceptible to wear and tear. Its importance stems from the fact that your safety is largely dependent on your car. While you may experience the discomfort while driving and can fix the issues like tyre puncture and oil change, it is only a professional who can actually pin-point the problem and repair it.
So the next time the engine light flashes, bring your car to Acton Service Centre to get the help it requires.

What does a car service include?

The age-old question has been making rounds on the internet with novice drivers and car owners wanting to know more about it. Let’s get to it.

Car Service quality and check-list vary from one centre to another with very minute differences. Largely, the services are divided into three parts:-

Interim Service
Full Service
Major Service

These three broad categories are recommended for different periods estimated, taking into account the wear and tear, pressure, and the mileage of the car.

Apart from the points mentioned in the general service checklist, you can also come into the service centre for any of the listed services individually. These include:

- Air Conditioning
- Brakes
- Clutches
- Engine
- Exhausts
- Steering & Suspension
- Tyre Puncture & Alignment
- Fuel System
- Car Painting & Detailing
- Battery Replacement
- Gearbox Repair
- Cambelt Repairs
- Crash Repair
- Oil Changes
- Cooling System Repair
- Car Wash

We Provide ECU Remaps For Power & Economy Tuning. Including DPF Off Solutions. ECU Recovery, ECU File Service. Bosch ECU Specialist.


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